Level 1 Diagnostics’ electronic stethoscope, Sensi, identifies and classifies suspected heart murmurs. Sensi has redefined what the stethoscope can do.


What Sensi does.

Record. Analyze. Report. Connect.

Record. 15 sec of heart sound at the four main auscultation locations with an electronic stethoscope. Aortic. Pulmonary. Tricuspid. Apex.

Analyze. The heart sound is immediately analyzed. S1 and S2 sound pulses are detected. Murmurs are detected and recommended as Class I or Class III echo-cardiography referrals. Innocent or Pathological.
Report.  A printable PDF report of auscultation findings is available for the doctor and patient. The report can be filed in an electronic record system.
Connect. All the heart sound data is stored within the Sensi Cloud so it is available to doctors from multiple devices.