Limited Carotid Ultrasound with HeartSmart IMTplus®



HeartSmart IMTplus® testing is based on ultrasound diagnostic technology to measure the intima media thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery (the inner linings of the vascular wall). Recommended by the American Heart Association, the HeartSmart IMTplus® proprietary technology detects the thickness of plaque buildup on the intima-media surface of the carotid artery using a portable ultrasound unit. HeartSmart IMTplus® software is calibrated to 1/1000th of a millimeter and carefully compares the individual’s intimamedia thickness to the results derived from the company’s proprietary database of over 40,000 previously scanned patients with sequential screenings containing over one million data points.

Level 1 Diagnostics Limited Carotid Ultrasound can effectively detect soft plaques—the most common cause of lethal heart attacks and strokes. It can be used to safely monitor patients’ progress as often as every 6 to 12 months.

HeartSmart IMTplus®

The HeartSmart IMTplus® test is a quick, simple, noninvasive, painless and highly accurate ultrasound image of the carotid artery. It is captured using a portable ultrasound unit that interfaces with a computer using DIVO technology, which is FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant in transferring data to an analysis specialist and to a cardiologist or radiologist for evaluation.

With this process doctors can know with 95% certainty if there is plaque building up in a patient’s heart and what type it is, hard or soft. Soft plaque is considered the more dangerous of the two because it is more vulnerable and likely to rupture leading to a heart attack or stroke. The ultrasound and analysis enables the doctor to see the intima which is where the thickening may occur.

The results for each patient are shown as a grade score. The score will range from A through E.  A being the best and E being the worst. Once the grade is obtained, the doctor can see the percent of stenosis and develop a program with the goal of reversing atherosclerosis. Level 1 Diagnostics Limited Carotid Ultrasound with HeartSmart IMTplus® measurement can be a prime motivator for patients to reduce their risk factors after the assessment.


HeartSmart IMTplus® quantifies an individual’s cardiovascular status with a fast, inexpensive and accurate test that provides for early detection and treatment of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Several points regarding the value of HeartSmart IMTplus® as a part of Level 1 Diagnostics evaluation are:

  • HeartSmart IMTplus® examines the state of the cardiovascular disease itself, as well as looking at risk factors for the disease
  • HeartSmart IMTplus® provides early detection and predictive assessment of the risk of a heart attack or stroke
  • Non-invasive and highly accurate (+/- 20 microns)
  • Proprietary automated software analysis for improved accuracy
  • Exclusive internet based, HIPAA compliant image file for transferring and reporting.