didyouknow_squareHeart Attack

Heart attacks are so common in the U.S. that 7.2 million Americans age 20 and older have a history of a heart attack.

• According to doctor’s findings a heart attack among Type A personalities (impatient,     hostile or angry) is 2.2 times higher than in Type B (relaxed, calm and enjoy a variety     of activities).
• Stress and grief make the body vulnerable to a gamut of diseases, including heart     disease, cancer and depression, and play a role in the development of heart attacks.
• There are certain situations when you are most likely to suffer a heart attack:
    • Soon after you wake up.  (Wake up and get out of bed slowly.)
    • During periods of heavy physical activity or soon after.  (You should exercise regularly so that your heart is not strained during       activities that require greater exertion.)
    • During or soon after periods of great emotional trauma.
    • During or soon after angry outbursts. (Make it a priority to learn to relax and cope with your anger in other ways.)
    • Contraceptive pills alone are unlikely to cause a heart attack in women. But, in combination with even one risk factor, pills used       for several years can trigger a heart attack.
• Keeping the blood flowing smoothly:
     An aspirin a day is recommended by some health care practitioners. Nattokinase and proteolytic enzymes also work well and      don’t have the problems associated with gastrointestinal distress that some people have with aspirin.