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Validation A Portable Monitoring Device For Sleep Apnea Diagnosis In A Population Based Cohort Using Synchronized Home Polysomnography

Ding Zou, MD; Ludger Grote, MD, PhD; Yksel Peker, MD, PhD; Ulf Lindblad, MD, PhD; Jan Hedner, MD, PhD
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Vascular function and short-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution.

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Vascular Function In The Diagnostic Categories Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Vasoactive Drugs Influence Aortic Augmentation Index Independently Of Pulse-Wave Velocity In Healthy Men

R. P. Kelly, S. C. Millasseau, J. M. Ritter and P. J. Chowienczyk
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Vitamin C Treatment Reduces Elevated C-Reactive Protein

Gladys Block, Christopher D. Jensen, Tapashi B. Dalvi, Edward P. Norkus, Mark Hudes, Patricia B. Crawford, Nina Holland, Ellen B. Fung, Laurie Schumacher, Paul Harmatz
Free Radical Biology & Medicine 46 (2009) 7077