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Zazen And Cardiac Variability

Paul Lehrer, PhD, Yuji Sasaki, MD, PhD and Yoshihiro Saito, PhD. From the Department of Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (P.L.), Piscataway, NJ; Komazawa University (Y.S.); and Tokyo Seitoku University (Y.S.), Tokyo, Japan


Zincs Role In Preventing Diabetes Damage: New Research

In type 2 diabetes, a protein called amylin forms dense clumps that shut down insulin-producing cells, wreaking havoc on the control of blood sugar. But zinc has a knack for preventing amylin from misbehaving. Recent research at the University of Michigan offers new details about how zinc performs this security guard function. The findings appear in the July 8 issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology.